A Guide to Diamond Jewelry

Thank you for visiting Morris Jewelry. I’m a graduate gemologist with more than 8 years of working experience in the diamond industry. I’ve traveled across the world as a diamond saleswoman and handle millions of dollars worth of polished diamonds during my working life.

In this blog, I will share some of my insights to the industry and I hope that you can learn something along the way.

women jewelry - diamond studs

Diamond jewelry has so many variables involved with its composition that it makes it difficult to give you hard and fast rules of what to consider each and every time you look at diamond jewelry.

When you are thinking about buying diamond jewelry you should actually start by thinking about buying loose diamonds Why would I tell you to buy loose diamonds?

Well, because you can buy loose diamonds…..

What? Huh? I don’t get it!

OK, let me try this again. A long time ago, in a land far, far away I got married.

And I needed to know that, why?

Well, we got married in Kumiko’s hometown of Fukuoka, Japan. In Japan, the wedding receptions are almost always held in a hotel. And they offer different “plans” to choose from…

OK Bud, now what does that have to do with buying diamond jewelry or even buying loose diamonds?

You’ll see…. when we went to talk with the hotel’s wedding planner, he explained the different plans- A, B, and C. After hearing about the 3 different plans and being the pain that I am, I asked to take one feature from plan A, one feature from plan B, a couple of features from plan C, and then make a brand new plan D…. the wedding planner didn’t like that idea and said that it wouldn’t be possible!

Now, work with me a bit, Bud… I know that there is a point here somewhere!

Well the point is, when it comes to diamond jewelry it isn’t the same as a pair of shoes or a TV…. with those types of items you have to take all or nothing. With diamond jewelry… anything is possible! Actually a competent jeweler will encourage you to make a piece of diamond jewelry that is built to your specifications.

So it is always the best idea to pick out the major component, the diamond, separately. It is the major component because it is a majority of the final cost of your diamond jewelry. It gives you more control over the process if you purchase the major, and most expensive, element first. To buy loose diamonds is the way to go!

OK, I see what you mean.

Good! I need to go and take my medication now… I’m hearing voices in my head again!

ruby gemstone

Women are from Venus, Men are from Another Planet!

Now why would I have a page to explain how to buy loose diamonds just for women?
… Don’t worry I’m not going to start another conversation!

Woman have so many more options for diamond jewelry than men do… and women look at diamond jewelry differently then men do.

Now, I will get into some generalities here about men and women… some might start to think I’m an old male chauvinistic pig… and while that is mostly true, my opinions are based on years of observation. Women love going to jewelry stores and looking at diamond jewelry, while men would rather be anywhere else in the world than in a jewelry store! And I have seen this first hand, in many different countries, in the thousands of jewelry store that I’ve visited.

When men and women look to buy diamond jewelry they approach the process from different directions…

– Women prefer not to look at loose diamonds… they like to see the diamond, in a ring, on their finger, and they will comment on how beautiful it is. They don’t ask about the price so quickly… they focus on the beauty, which is always a good thing!

– Because all diamond jewelry looks pretty much the same to guys… the concept to buy loose diamonds makes guys feel more comfortable. They like to get into the “specs” of the diamond’s qualities. Looking at the clarity chart, seeing what the color grade is, etc. I guess it’s kind of like comparing the specs of cars or power tools…. and finally an important focus is the price.

Hope you enjoyed reading these articles!