Diamonds For Sale, Selling Certified Diamonds And Radiant Cut Diamonds

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There may come a day to cash in on those loose diamonds Aunt Kitty passed down, or the diamond rings bought at costume jewelry prices at a careless garage sale. When that time comes, it’s important to get the most out of these valuable possessions.

Carefully selling diamonds can potentially fund the down payment on a new car, finance a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or afford a new selection of ice in that classic jewelry box.

While retail jewelers are usually too shy to buy diamonds for sale back from their customers, thus disclosing their 100 to 200 percent markup, a number of jewelry brokers are anxious to pay cash for second hand diamonds for sale.

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Bullock Estate and Diamond Brokers claims to offer the highest bids on diamonds for sale. Unlike some wholesale diamond buyers, Bullock buys all cuts of diamonds and has a reputation built on over twenty-five years in the business. Gray and Sons is another broker servicing private parties with diamonds for sale.

Check out their website,, to receive a preliminary quote on diamonds for sale. Avoid being underpaid by consulting an outside source like Bunda Diamond, Antique and Estate Jewelry Appraisal. As little as $25 will buy an expert appraisal and advice on where to market the particular diamonds for sale.

Diamonds for sale that have been certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) have an advantage over other diamonds for sale. Vendors interested in certified diamonds for sale can reference everything there is to know about the stones just by reading their GIA ratings.

Jewelry dealers can then, in turn, secure the confidence of their own customers with the information recorded about certified diamonds for sale. Everybody profits from the consistent language and standards available with certified diamonds.

For a DIY estimate of a diamond’s retail value and prices, you can refer to this useful article on determining diamond value written by

Carat, cut, color, and clarity are other factors that determine the value of diamonds for sale. Timing will unavoidably affect the value of a stone, as styles of setting and cut come in and out of fashion. Radiant cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds are currently popular styles for engagement rings.

The main difference between these similar cuts is how they reflect light. Radiant cut diamonds have a circular life, creating dazzling fire and reflecting light in numerous directions.

Princess cut diamonds, on the other hand, have more of a linear life. This creates a stunning contrast of dark and light facets in the stone. Selling diamonds like these is easier than some of the less popular cuts like oval or tear drop.

Selling diamonds ranked on the GIA clarity scale as completely flawless or internally flawless can be very lucrative. Diamonds for sale that are appraised as imperfect or very slightly included are less appealing to brokers but often still saleable.

Some gemstones have undergone mechanical treatment in attempts to fix diminish the appearance of blemishes or inclusions.Clarity enhanced diamonds are less valuable than unaltered stones.

Laser drilling compromises the durability of diamonds for sale, and fractures that have been filled with the typical glass-like material used on clarity enhanced diamonds will end up eroding or darkening.

Make sure to do some homework when selling diamonds, rather than jumping at the first bid. Then again, diamonds for sale often have sentimental value, and the instinct to turn down every offer that comes along may signify that it’s just not time yet.

In this case scenario, it may be appropriate to offer heirlooms to relatives at a fair price before going public with the diamonds for sale. In the end, moral support, expert consultation, and general prudence are the assets that will result in successful appraisal, marketing, and final transaction over diamonds for sale regardless of circumstances.