Be Dazzled By Bedazzling Loose Fancy Diamonds


Isn’t loose fancy diamonds a phrase you could say all day?

Especially considering that loose and fancy aren’t usually two words you use together, now are they? But don’t you love the way those words roll around your mouth and the images they bring to mind?

Loose fancy diamonds are the equivalent of a having a special candy box with a wide assortment of only the best chocolates to choose from. You see a loose fancy diamond you like, you pick it up, look at it closely, imagine it in a ring your finger, then, no, you don’t eat it. You put it down and pick up another loose diamond and another and another . . .

Really, it could be exhausting if it weren’t so much fun! Because loose diamonds are just breathtaking, and colorful loose fancy diamonds are nothing short of dazzling. And the best part is you can select the one you like best – then get to have it cut and set to suit your own bedazzling personality! Tres cool, huh?

Loose fancy diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow: yellows, pinks, reds, blues, purples, and greens. Often their colors are enhanced to ensure deeper, richer colors. You use basically the same guidelines when selecting a loose fancy diamond as you do when you’re choosing from regular loose diamonds, or any diamond for that matter.

Remember the 4Cs of diamonds?

Repeat after me: color, cut, clarity, carat, color, cut, clarity, carat.

And make sure your jeweler not only knows the 4Cs, but also knows how to apply them, especially when it comes to colored loose fancy diamonds. The wrong cut can ruin your diamond, so you don’t want just anyone cutting yours. You want a real jeweler, not one who plays one on TV.

Also, when you’ve chosen your loose diamond, you want it set in a metal that complements it. For example, if you choose a yellow loose fancy diamond, you want the gold you select for the setting to have the right hue. Again, let your jeweler guide you in making your decisions here.

Our favorite online jeweler,, can help you design your own jewelry using loose diamonds and the setting of your choice.

After all, this is a diamond engagement ring you’re going to be wearing every day for the rest of your life. You want nothing less than perfection. Like in your highly commendable choice of mate.