Who We Are

natural white diamonds

Morris Jewelry, a specialty division of Corry Diamonds International, is dedicated to the ethical and responsible mining, cutting and polishing of naturally occurring diamonds for individual collectors and jewelry manufacturers worldwide.

We are a completely non-traditional diamond company guided by principles of ethical conduct, fairness, and transparency, operating in a very traditional diamond industry marred by controversial dealings and questionable practices.

At Morris Jewelry, we do things very differently. Unlike other diamond companies, we personally travel to select countries to hand pick the best quality natural rough diamonds for our customers.

We purchase only alluvial diamonds that have been naturally unearthed, and that have not been commercially mined to the detriment of nature or the environment. We buy directly from artisan miners with no middleman involvement, thus ensuring that our suppliers are treated and compensated fairly and justly, and that all of our natural diamonds are indeed 100% conflict-free.

And finally, we do not engage in computer-assisted diamond manufacturing that takes a cookie-cutter approach to diamond cutting – each and every one of our unique natural diamonds are hand cut and polished by our highly skilled craftsmen who are trained and experienced in the art and science of diamond cutting. To our knowledge, we are the only diamond company that operates with such responsible and transparent principles.

We believe our young, fresh approach will have a positive impact on the traditional diamond industry. We invite you to Make a Difference by choosing to purchase your natural diamond from an ethically responsible and completely transparent diamond company.

Your Morris Jewelry Experience

Morris Jewelry offers clients a truly unique diamond buying experience that remains unequalled and unsurpassed in the industry. We provide you with the exceptional opportunity to develop a personal relationship with your own individual diamond cutter who will be responsible for your individual diamond from the initial consultation to the finished product.

You will participate in every stage in the diamond manufacture process, from the selection of your rough stone, to the cutting and polishing of your natural diamond.

At the end of the process, you will receive a journal and DVD that capture your diamond cutter’s experience cutting and polishing your unique diamond.

For the Ultimate Bridal Experience, we also offer couples the exclusive opportunity not only to select your rough stone and participate in the manufacture process, but also to make the very first cut on your own natural diamond – a once in a lifetime opportunity, not available anywhere else!

When you purchase from Morris Jewelry you know that your diamond is truly and uniquely your own. It was discovered for you, chosen by you, and finished only for you.